Gluing posters in the streets of BELGRADE during several days
Discovering SKOPJE for 36 hours
Pattern workshop in ATHENSFirst part: Learning by doingElaionas, Center for refugees
Second part: Applying patterns on the wall, surrounding the center
Last day of the residency

The name Eldorado has been central to Vreni Spiesers works for several years and will occupy her intensly in the future. She is not looking to track down the bearer of the legendary name so much as to discover what it stood for and might still stand for today. Among other things, the name Eldorado has been connected with the history of capitalism, seafaring and migration. Eldorado has the ring of adventure, but mostly its tales end in fiasco.
Although Vreni Spiesers research has taken her overseas, Belgrade and Athens are no less exotic locations for her. In the expedition cities – and on the route between the cities, used today in the reverse direction by refugees – she seeks traces of Eldorado, researching the name and gleaning clues and meanings. With the aid of walks and outdoor actions – for instance questions related to Eldorado printed on posters – Vreni Spieser establishes contact to people locally and explores their Eldorados in conversation.